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 “The journey isn’t about becoming a different person. It’s about loving who you are right now.”
— Suzanne Heyn

Congratulations for working seriously on self-love with the help of the Crystals for Self-Love Kit!

You may have noticed that the kit itself follows the format of conscious creating that is taught in The Map—winner of eight book awards. The reason for this is simple. You create your own reality, and the “map” process is the most straightforward way to learn to create consciously.

You create your reality with the energy you emit in the form of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Crystals are an amazingly powerful way to intensify your own energy, to help your creations manifest easier, quicker, and more elegantly. Combining crystals with intentions, action steps, techniques, and going deeper, is the best possible way to become better at manifesting your reality.

You might like to read an overview of The Map. You can also read The Map for free over time or you can order a copy of the book or audio book.

I’ve compiled some additional resources* for your expansion of confidence. Included are:


Self-Love Resources

Sample Lists

Healing Your Past

Crystal Resources

Belief Changing Resources

Facebook Page/Groups

BONUS GIFT Self-Love Crystal Grid & Ritual


Wishing you a deep sense of loving exactly who you are.




Accepting and Honoring Who You Really Are – Lazaris

Finally Accepting Self: Being Fully Loved – Lazaris

Forgiving Yourself (audio) – Lazaris

Love / Self-Love – Lazaris

The Power and Beauty of Self-Acceptance – Lazaris


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It – Kamal Ravikant

Radical Self-Love – Gala Darling

The Body Is Not an Apology – Sonya Renee Taylor

The Gifts of Imperfection – Brené Brown

The Self-love Experiment: 15 Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate and Accepting of Yourself – Shannon Kaiser

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

Vibrational Assistance:

Self-Love Resonance Water


How to Move Beyond Unworthiness – Boni Lonnsburry


Sample List of Ways to Love Yourself Physically:

1. Support your body with the supplements it needs. Don’t know what those are? Learn. Also, muscle test for them.

2. Do something that makes your body feel good every single day. Such as: massaging your feet before bed, stretching or yoga, a hot bubble bath, or simply taking a few minutes longer to choose clothes that feel great.

3. Nurture your sense of smell. Use aromatherapy, light a fragrant candle, bake something that smells wonderful, etc.

4. Write a love letter to your least favorite body part. Such as: Dear Poochy Tummy, I know I curse you more than love you, and for that I am sorry. You deserve love, simply for being—and I need to remember that you stretched out from bearing my children, whom I love more than anything in the world. I am so grateful to you for that… etc.

5. Choose foods to nourish your body. What you eat matters—and it’s not calories in calories out. Educate yourself about the impact food has on your body and move towards a diet that works for you and that you feel good about.

6. Eat mindfully. Food will taste better, you’ll make better choices, and you’ll fill up faster.

7. Exercise for the joy of it. Your body needs to move so your lymphatic system can process out toxins. Find a way to regularly move your body that works for you and choose to fall in love with it.

8. Write or say loving affirmations. You create what you think, feel and believe. Most of us have less than loving thoughts about our bodies. Body-loving affirmations can help to change that.

9. Do mirror work. Gaze at yourself in the mirror (ideally naked) and say, “I love you and I love my body.” Imagine love pouring from your heart and into the reflection in the mirror. Thank your body for being a partner this lifetime.

10. Do shower work. As you shower daily, imagine the water cleansing your body, loosening and flushing toxins, and showing white, love-filled light on and through your body, as you affirm, “I love you, just the way you are.”

Sample List of Ways to Love Yourself Mentally/Emotionally:

1. Surround yourself with beauty. Beauty uplifts. Beauty heals. Beauty inspires. Visit beauty. Create beauty. Let beauty teach you that you are beautiful.

2. Stop comparing. Our society is built on making people feel they need something to be/feel okay. Don’t buy into the hype. Let “I am perfect the way I am and I make choices based on my unique road to happiness,” be your mantra.

3. Be truly present. It’s a gift to yourself to be present in your life. You hear more, you understand more, you have more fun, more fulfillment, and deeper, more meaningful relationships. Give yourself (and others) that gift.

4. Forgive yourself. We all need to forgive ourselves—for not creating our lives better if nothing else. If you can’t jump there, intend to forgive and ask your unseen friends for assistance in forgiving. It is truly instrumental in change.

5. Wake up your inner enchanted child. There is a part of you that is still enamored with the world—a part that sees wonder in every little detail. Let that part of you come alive and be present in your days.

6. Make fun a priority. Life isn’t about achievement (although that is nice), or what you look like (even though it feels great to look good)—it’s about enjoyment. Not the adolescent or young adult version of enjoyment, but deep fulfillment, humor, and being here now. Let yourself do more of that—consciously.

7. Begin every day with gratitude. Make it a ritual to delve deeply into gratitude before you open your eyes in the morning. It sets the resonance of your day amazingly well. Try it—you’ll never want to stop.

8. Success journal. Too often we forget all we’ve accomplished and the effect we have on the lives of others. Keep track of the successes and feel-good moments in a journal dedicated to that and revisit it often. You will begin to attract more and more events to record.

9. Let your “negative self” talk—then you take over. Everyone has a “self” who wants to take us down. The way to meet that self is to listen to it. Let the “negative self” tell you how fat, ugly, worthless, and horrible you are. Listen to it, and give it to your higher self for healing. Then, tell yourself the truth—that you are a divine spark of love and light with gifts, talents, strengths, and a divine purpose and a huge part of that is to have fun!

10. Practice be-ing. Take time—every day—to just be. Sit and look out the window, or into space, and just let your mind drift. You’ll find it helps the rest of the day go so much better when you honor your being-ness for 10-30 minutes each day.

Sample List of Ways to Love Yourself Spiritually:

1. Meditation. A regular meditation practice will serve you in countless ways. Even ten minutes a day will benefit you not only spiritually but physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. Choose a guided meditation or focus on your breath or a mantra—how you do it doesn’t matter but whether you do it daily does.

2. Ask for help. Your unseen friends want to help you, but you’ve incarnated into a free-will universe so it’s “hands off” unless you ask. So—ask.

3.Unseen friends. You have a higher self, a soul, a spirit, and at least one male, and one female counselor. Begin to dialogue with them in your meditations. Let them be a part of your life and you will find your life to be forever changed for the better.

4. Spiritual family. Spiritual family are physical people with whom you have a soul connection. Sometimes your blood family is spiritual family, sometimes not. Allow the intimacy, caring, and love to expand in your spiritual family as a way to love yourself and others more.

5. Sacred time. Give yourself regular time to expand your spiritual awareness. It can be focused on learning, journaling, or simply being with yourself, but your spiritual aspect is just as important (or more important) than caring for yourself in other ways.

6. Sacred space. Set aside a bit of space in your home for sacred objects (books, crystals, etc.) and for you to be undisturbed and able to focus on your spiritual side.

7. Knowledge. There is so much written about spirituality for us to learn from. And even more knowledge is available from Source itself. (Meditation can help you access it).

8. Nature. Nature and the beauty inherent in it is a connection to the Divine. Let yourself be in nature often, let it speak to you, and let it heal you.

9. Listen to your reality. You create your own reality and everything in it is a clue or a whisper as to the energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions) you are emitting. Think about and meditate on what is going on in your life, your community, and your world—and change your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in order to change your reality.

10. Remember the love. The Source of all is love. You are made of love, and you are made to love. Let love heal you, change you, and grow you. Always remember that you are deeply, unequivocally loved.



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The Book of Stones, Revised Edition: Who They Are and What They Teach – Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

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