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 By Boni Lonnsburry

Overall Intention:
I intend to experience greater and greater levels of magic, fun, creativity, connectedness with the divine, peace, prosperity, abundance, safety, elegance, ease, health and healing, Divine grace, Divine guidance, joy, freedom, beauty, trust, wisdom and love.

Immediate Intentions:
I intend to live every waking minute of every day conscious, awake and aware in the present moment, while feeling as much joy as possible.
I intend that all my rental properties move into a positive cash flow quickly, magically, easily and joyfully.
I intend to live the most beautiful life possible, with harm to none and benefit to all.
I intend to allow my companies to grow easily, elegantly and with a great deal of joy and love, into inspiring, healing, love-filled, fun and phenomenally successful corporations.
I intend to create the most loving relationship possible with my partner.
I intend to support my children in separate but loving ways without enabling, and to see them as the strong, loving, capable, creative and successful people they are.
I intend to change and/or transmute all subconscious and unconscious beliefs, drives, patterns and projections that keep me from living the life I was born to live.
I intend to refinance my home for the best rate possible.
I intend to have a blast at my in-laws party next Saturday.

Relationship Intentions:
I intend to joyfully deepen my loving relationship with my partner, providing greater and greater levels of peace, safety, fun, freedom, ease, joy, intimacy, vulnerability, trust, play, creativity, expansion, positive activation, tenderness and love for us both.
I intend to open my heart, as fully as possible, to feel my partner’s magnificent love.
I intend for my partner and I to lovingly support each other in our individual dreams and goals.
I intend that my partner and I both feel deeply and richly loved and supported by the other.
I intend that my partner and I enjoy each other’s lives, friends, families, children, interests and passions, while allowing freedom for each of us to enjoy our independent lives as well—enriching ourselves and each other through these experiences.
I intend that the communication between my partner and I be crystal clear, both with words and beyond words.
I intend to enjoy my relationship with my partner, allowing it to unfold and deepen with elegance and ease.
I intend that my partner and I find easy compromises and meet each other’s needs while honoring our own. I intend that this will result in ideas and realities far better than either of us could originally conceive or create.
I intend, no matter what challenges or opportunities my partner and I face, to always remember the love.

Other Relationship Intentions:
I intend to deepen the loving, joyful and fulfilling relationship I have with each of my children.
I intend to positively support my children in living their lives with as much ease, elegance and joy as possible.
I intend to build loving relationships with as many of my partner’s family and friends as possible.
I intend to develop friends with whom I’m emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and cosmically compatible.
I intend to create friends my partner and I both love to be with.
I intend to create conscious, loving, interactive and supportive relationships with my star families, angelic friends and unseen friends.
I intend that all of my relationships—esoteric, family, work related, community-based, acquaintance or just in passing, be filled with as much fun, joy, love, light, kindness and compassion as possible.
I intend to lift those I connect with, however significantly or insignificantly, to greater levels of healing and loving. I intend to help them to recognize who they really are.

Work Intentions:
I intend every minute I work to be filled with fun, creativity, excitement, abundance, prosperity, joy, service and positive surprises.
I intend to create supportive, healthy and nurturing surroundings at work.
I intend to work with like-minded people who I enjoy immensely and feel greatly supported by.
I intend to find meaning in my work, be it the broadest dreams or tiniest details.
I intend to remember that I am sending positive energy to the greater whole whenever I am in joy.
I intend to gratefully and gracefully perform my destiny work on this planet, in the perfect timing, with joy and fun, and with the highest level of positive impact possible.

Physical Body Intentions:
I intend that my physical body is one hundred percent vital, healthy and filled with energy.\
I intend to keep my body weight at the range of ___________ with ease and elegance.
I intend to reverse the aging process and fully rejuvenate my physical body. I intend to look and feel ageless.
I intend to be drawn to and crave the movement, food/supplements and body/energetic work that my body needs to stay in perfect shape. I intend that this will have the greatest positive impact on my physical, energetic, spiritual and mental bodies.

Spiritual Intentions:
I intend to strengthen my connection with the archangels and others from the angelic realm.
I intend to form a deeper and stronger bond on all levels with my unseen friends who support me in this lifetime.
I intend to deepen and strengthen my loving relationship with God and Goddess.
I intend to see, own and become who I really am as fully as possible.

Physical Surroundings Intentions:
I intend to create home(s) that fill my family and me with peace, joy, happiness and safety, with elegance and ease.
I intend to elegantly and easily fill our surroundings with comfort, beauty, sensuousness and love, energetically and physically.
I intend that my home(s) are loving and transformative places for us and the people in our lives to grow, love and heal.

Mental & Emotional Intentions:
I intend to be a courageous adventurer and risk taker—secure and confident about who I am.
I intend to see beauty in everyone and everything I see.
I intend to feel totally safe and secure.
I intend to feel that I’m always in the right place at the right time for all of my intentions to come true.
I intend to live in the now and feel greater and greater depths of love, fun, joy, happiness, ecstasy, compassion and caring for myself and others.
I intend to have fun continuously, and to open (more every day) to my creativity, psychic abilities and passion.

Intentions for Play:
I intend to explore this delicious physical world, allowing my reality to guide me to experiences and adventures, information and knowing, and people who will delight me in every way.

Creative Intentions:
I intend to open fully and completely to the greatest depths of creativity possible. I intend to allow myself to express that creativity in a myriad of fun and enjoyable ways that includes, but is not limited to, decorating, art and writing.

Financial Intentions:
I intend unlimited cash and resources to flow into my life easily, abundantly and endlessly.
I intend my financial abundance to provide greater and greater levels of security, freedom, ease and elegance.
I intend to be guided to the institutions, individuals and projects that can be truly aided by my financial and energetic contributions and to know deeply and surely when and what to support.

Intentions for the Earth & Humanity:
I intend to create a world filled with love, compassion and light with as much ease and elegance as possible.
I intend to aid the earth in her healing as much as I am capable.
I intend for those without a voice (people, animals, the earth, etc.) to be held in arms of love and light and for them to feel that love as much as possible.

Cosmic Intentions:
I intend to work with my team of unseen friends and star families to aid in the recognition of the oneness of all that is.
I intend to work in union with God and Goddess to increase the love and support felt by and extended to “All That Is” in whatever way and to the highest extent that I am capable.
I intend to aid the multiverse in her healing as much as I am capable.
I intend to create a multiverse filled with love, compassion and light with as much ease and elegance as possible.

Request to my Unseen Friends:
I request and intend to receive help from all of my unseen friends to manifest all of my intentions even greater than stated, with harm to none.

Download Sample Intentions