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***** (5 stars)
Review by S. Robertson

Excellent book for learning exactly how to consciously create your reality.

The book, “The Map,” has had quite an impact on me. This book is very, very important and significant. I think it will have a tremendous effect on all those who read it and “do the work.”

But first, a few comments about the book. Boni is an absolutely great writer. The book is very clear and easy to read. Also, I really love that she shares her personal journey. It makes the book so much more entertaining and interesting!

I have always believed that we consciously create our reality, but have never quite gotten it to work the way I want. I do a lot of spiritual work and it is amazing that anything could shift my life as much as “The Map” has. Working with Boni’s techniques has created a lot of expansion for me!

Here is what I think is happening:

I do not believe Boni has just come up with a set of beliefs and techniques that work. I think she has set up a “morphogenetic field” that is a huge energy for change. The best way I can explain what I mean by morphogenetic field is to give an example.

A man named Richard Bartlett had an unusual ability to heal from the time he was a child. Often he would just touch a person or animal and it would instantly heal. He became a chiropractor as an adult. Sometimes patients would spontaneously heal when he worked with them. He had no idea why. Patients believed in his abilities more than he did. They would come and ask him to just touch them, and many miracles occurred.

Richard then set out to discover what it was he did so that he could teach others. Some of his chiropractor friends joined him and they started researching and inventing techniques that they could all do. This process grew and grew and finally Richard started giving workshops for anyone who was interested. See

Today Richard believes that his techniques constitute a morphogenetic field that was built by him and all the other people that worked to heal in the same way. Now, when people come to the workshops, they step into that field and they can suddenly cause spontaneous healings also. Richard knows that the more he and all other people work with the techniques, the more the morphological field expands, evolves and changes.

I believe “The Map” is a morphogenetic field. I think Boni has been working with this material so intensely that she has created this field. I think I stepped into this field when I started reading the book. All the sudden there were some huge things in me that needed to change and I was on a roller coaster. I set some intentions around some big issues that came up (plus a few more), reading them twice a day and processing beliefs.

Now things seem calmer in my life. I am ready to go back and set an intention for all the major aspects of my life. I am starting to read the book again from page one and am ready to logically come up with a set of intentions for my life.

This book is totally awesome!! I am deeply grateful to Boni for sharing “The Map” with all of us!

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***** (5 stars)

Review by Victoria Moore

“Boni Lonnsburry has written a very accessible method of bringing consciousness to creating one’s life.  The Map is very deep yet readable, and easy to use as a guidebook for life creation.  Good for the beginner as well as longtime students of metaphysics.  I highly recommend it!”

***** (5 stars)

Review by Squirrel Rork

“If you don’t think you create your own reality, you will be convinced that indeed that is exactly what has happened throughout your life after reading The Map by Boni Lonnsburry. The beauty of this well written, orchestrated and energetically imbued book is that Boni masterfully shows the reader the power one has to change old restrictive beliefs that have shaped one’s reality into new limitless beliefs that will create the life of your dreams. Thoughtfully organized chapters take the reader on a transformative process that can break through self-created limitations and into an expansive life where dreams are made manifestBoni clearly shows, in an easy to follow step-by step format, how each person can acquire the techniques to change their reality through setting intentions and getting into a state of ‘feeling’ their newly created reality. This is where the magic begins. How liberating! Intend to get your hands on a copy of this book. It will revolutionize your life!”

Squirrel Rork/ET Healing and Explorations in Consciousness,

***** (5 stars)

Review by Charles Horne

“I consider this book a “must read” for anyone who wants to take more ownership of their life and manifest their dreams.  I’ve known Boni for over 20 years and have continually been amazed at her dedication to understanding reality creation, and her ability to create her dreams.  She and her life have been an inspiration to me, and I am so excited that she has put so much of what she has learned into The Map.  This book covers the waterfront of reality creation in a style that is easy to read while also containing many nuts and bolts techniques for actually implementing changes to one’s reality.  For example, The Map shows the reader how to set intentions, understand and work with the various aspects of self, change beliefs (very important), ask for help from “unseen friends,” take actions, shift self image, and flow energy towards the desired reality.   Adding to the richness of the material are illustrations from Boni’s own life in each of these areas.  The Map also underscores the importance of working with emotions as a reality-creating mechanism. If you have any desire to change your life for the better, I think you owe it to yourself to read this book.”

***** (5 stars)

Review by Liz Mrofka

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes from Boni and can tell you that her “map” works. I was excited when I heard she was writing “The Map”. I was even more excited when I read the book. The beauty of Boni is that she has created an amazing life from following this map. I am more interested in learning from someone who practices what they preach. How often do we get the actual game plan that someone has used to create our own beautiful life? Every chapter guides you through the process and gives you the tools to use and follow. Of course being committed to practicing and utilizing these tools is the key. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to commit to changing and creating the life of their dreams.”

***** (5 stars)

Review of ‘The Map’ Author: Boni Lonnsburry

Review written by Deborah Sicignano

This is a uniquely wonderful and much-needed ‘how to’ book on the process of manifestation. Boni Lonnsbury has created a work filled with warmth, humor, candor and abiding confidence that we each have within us the power and potential to create a life we love.

Clearly written and succinct, The Map provides accessible context for understanding this innate power within and offers concrete tools for tapping it and focusing it toward that which we might choose to create and experience in our lives.

Although there are a number of books available which explain in detail the quantum or esoteric spiritual mechanics involved with shifting and creating our personal realities, The Map distinguishes itself by being extremely ‘user-friendly’. Keeping keen focus on the ‘human mechanics’ involved with bringing our personal good to fruition, important emphasis is placed not only on the ‘how’ of the process but equally – if not more importantly – on exercising the human qualities necessary to ultimately reap our desired personal harvest. Beyond simply (and often sporadically) exercising positive thought, intentions, affirmations, positive feelings and the literal powers of imagination, we are reminded throughout The Map that it is doing each of these things with commitment, focus, perseverance and the power of belief that will bring forth ‘the fruit from the tree’ and lead to our successful outcomes.

Emphasis is also put on understanding that which flows energy ‘away’ from hopes and dreams. Identifying old beliefs, patterns, fears and conditioning which inadvertently block our progress and success plays a key piece in this process. The Map guides us to how to located these places within, as well as transform them so that what was once a block or deterrent can become an ally in our process.

The author uses many examples from her own and others’ lives to show both the humanity and the divinity inherent in the process of learning how to create from within. Her own journey provides powerful living proof and great inspiration for what can be accomplished by following The Map. It also has lent her great understanding and compassion for the ups and downs we naturally encounter as we learn this new way of being and become more aware of what we are truly capable of. And like someone who

has traveled the path and knows it well, she knows when to hold our hand and when to push us forward into the places only we can walk.

The Map is a terrific ‘step by step’ guide to creating lives we love. It deserves a place amongst the most mystical and scientific books on the same topic, and more so. It takes great skill to simplify and clarify such mysterious topics and then go the step further to make them practical and usable on a daily basis. The Map does all of this with elegance and ease and for those who utilize it, the way forward promises a life filled with real magic, personal and spiritual empowerment and if chosen, joy!

Highly recommended and kudos to Ms. Lonnsburry. A great read.

“The Map” is now available!  Learn more & purchase here.