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Creation Journal Resources

Conscious Creation

What is Conscious Creation?

What Conscious Creation Isn’t

The Shocking Truth About the “Law of Attraction”

How The Map Can Help Your Journey With Conscious Creation


Desire – Basics from The Map

The Magic of Intentions – it all starts with a dream.

Sample Intentions

Is It OK to Steal Intentions?

Intend the Day – A Morning Meditation


The Abundance Ritual

The Abundance Ritual Audio

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Doors to Beliefs

Gratitude – More Than a Technique

The House of You

How to Manifest Anything–Flow Energy!

Jump the Gap

Loving Money Leaving

The Magical Box of Manifestation

The Morning Mastermind

The Morning Mastermind Audio

One Minute Manifestor

One Minute Manifestor Audio

Shower “As If”

The Password Technique

The Ten Things Technique

The Universal Order Form

Taking Action

Flow Energy – Basics from The Map

Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something!

But what if I don’t feel like taking action?


Want to ROCK Your World?—Change Your Core Beliefs!

How to Test Yourself for Beliefs

Does Your Dream Refuse to Manifest? THIS is why…

How to Change a Belief

It’s Easier Than You Think—How to Change a Core Belief

Wording Beliefs: A Case Study


Watch Your Reality Respond – Basics from The Map

The Universe Responds (Within Hours)—But Are You Listening?

What to Do When “Half a Dream” Comes True

Staying Positive & Expectant

Stay in Joy – Basics from The Map

Time Lag: Your best friend, your worst enemy

How to Stay Happy

7 Steps to Turn Your Reality Around

Unseen Friends

Ask for Help – Basics from The Map

Nighttime Requests to Your Unseen Friends

Connect with Your Unseen Friends

Sign up for Weekly Messages from Your Unseen Friends