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Are you ready to create a life you love? You may be more ready than you think. Or you may be surprised you are not quite as ready as you’d hoped. You see, since there is no such thing as luck, or fate, or chance,it really is all up to you.

Answer these questions, and find out:


1. Do you know what you want?

a) I have absolutely no clue.
b) I know what I don’t want.
c) I know what I want—down to the tiniest detail.
d) I don’t know the specifics, but I do know how I want to feel.

2. Do you know who you are?

a) I am a human being.
b) I am a spiritual being.
c) I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
d) I am a divine spark of consciousness gifted with the ability to create my reality.

3. Are you willing to be honest and vulnerable with yourself?

a) Those are dirty words.
b) Well, that depends…
c) Yes, to an extent.
d) Absolutely, positively…if not, what’s the point?

Can you leave your ego at the door?

a) What’s an ego?
b) If I don’t feel threatened in any way.
c) I am absolutely willing to…I may need some help.
d) Yes. I can.

Do you have supportive, like-minded people in your life?

a) The people in my life hate this type of thing and think I’m crazy.
b) Not a one.
c) One or two people.
d) Yes, most of the people in my life are supportive of this type of thinking and of me.

How determined are you to create a life you love?

a) How what…?
b) Yeah, I want that.
c) Well, I’ll give this a month, maybe longer.
d) There is nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo, that could stop me—you just watch.

How patient are you?

a) Is my new life here yet?
b) That depends…how long are we talkin’?
c) Pretty patient. It will happen this year, right?
d) I will wait as long as it takes, because I feel as if I have it right now anyway, so paradoxically, there is no waiting.

How focused can you be?

a) Where did I put my phone?
b) Pretty focused I guess.
c) As focused as I need to be. And I can always become more focused.
d) Like a laser.

How self-loving do you want to be?

a) I could be very self-loving if I weren’t such an a__hole.
b) I just don’t know how I could possibly do that.
c) I would like that.
d) I would love nothing better than to fully and completely love myself.

Do you believe changing beliefs will change your world?

a) LOL.
b) Well, I wanna’ believe it.
c) In theory.
d) I absolutely believe it. I just want to learn how to do it.

Is the journey the fun part for you?

a) The money, women/men, success, houses, yachts—those are the fun parts!
b) Well, it’s not just about the journey, is it?
c) I love the journey, but it isn’t my motivation.
d) The journey is the whole point. The things are just the side effects, as fun as they
might be.

How real are your unseen friends?

a) Is this a trick question? Nothing you can’t see is real.
b) It is a nice concept. Kind of like Santa Claus.
c) I would like them to be real, I don’t think I really understand them fully, or have
experienced them enough.
d) You know, I truly believe they are even realer than me.

How often do you call upon your unseen friends?

a) Like, “Mirror, mirror on the wall?”
b) I do the exercises I am told to do.
c) I call upon them, but probably not often enough.
d) Every. Single. Day.



A – 0 points
B – 5 points
C – 10 points
D – 15 points

If you scored between 150 and 195:
You ROCKED it! You are so ready to create a life you love; nothing in the world could stop you!

If you scored between 100 and 145:
You are ready, but you may find some parts of the process challenging…nothing that a few changed
beliefs can’t fix though!

If you scored between 50 and 95:
You may not be completely ready yet—but few are who are new to the journey. Stay the course and
you will likely find your readiness grows.

If you scored between 0 and 45:
Maybe you should take up watercolors for a while?

And remember, this is a journey everyone takes, one lifetime or another. It’s the purpose of
physicality. And you don’t have to be perfect at it. You just have to be willing…and committed.
So, what are you waiting for? Begin today—consciously creating a Life You Love!

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