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Apophylite & Stilbite Cluster

$160.00 USD

Crystals can work with you as allies for bringing your attention, to condense and focus energy. And of your intent. It can hold and release your intent.

Not all crystals are awake, and not all crystals are powerful. The ones that are, such as this crystal, can be hugely beneficial as allies in creating what we desire. And the synergy between humans and crystals means that their combined power is exponentially greater than the sum of their separate powers.  Click here to read more about working with crystals and using crystals to manifest what you want.

This beautiful apophylite & stilbite cluster has been hand-chosen by Boni Lonnsburry and is looking for it’s keeper.

It measures roughly 5 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ (L) X (W) X (H), stand not included with purchase.

Metaphysical properties of apophylite:

Apophylite is the mineral kingdom’s Xanax. It assists in quieting feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry and calms the anxious mind in times of stress. Apophylite will magically absorb negative thought patterns and help you to sort out your problems in the most beneficial way possible.

Simply sit quietly with this stone for twenty minutes and allow your constrictive emotions to melt away, and be replaced by calm serenity. But don’t reach for it only when you’re in crisis—apophylite is a beautiful stone to use even when not particularly anxious, because it lends a sense of clarity to your mindset.

Apophylite allows your natural joy to bubble up, reconnecting us to our inner child, bringing us back to joy and lightness of being. It can also be used to bring happiness to others—simply place it in a room and let the crystal fill the room with the high vibrations of peace and love.

As a stone of truth, apophyllite is a wonderful tool for self-reflection. Sit and hold it as you think about your path, your habits, your dreams and your desires. It will help you to prioritize your goals and to connect with your unseen friends for guidance. Apophyllite can help you to plan for the future with certainty and release any old, disappointing past experiences.

It is also an effective aid for intuition. And as esoteric as it is, it is also grounded and connected to nature, making it an effective tool to add structure and organization to your daily life.

Apophyllite can regulate bodily functions and improve memory. It can also aid in treating allergies and asthma.

Metaphysical properties of stilbite:

Stilbite’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “to shine,” and that is exactly what this crystal helps you to do. If you are seeking your next step in life or in need of some guidance meditating with stilbite will help. It will also help you to be more creative and intuitive.

Stilbite stimulates the heart chakra and radiates an energy of love and openness. It will help you to let go of your layers of self-protection and give you the courage to be yourself. It will also assist you in overcoming self-destructive tendencies.

Stilbite is one of the best stones for manifesting what you desire and to help you discover your life’s purpose. This crystal will remove the obstacles that prevent you from feeling happy and fulfilled. Stilbite will accelerate your spiritual growth and help you to receive and understand the guidance from your unseen friends.

Place stilbite next to your bed to quiet your mind and help you enjoy peaceful, sound sleep. It will also encourage you to remember your dreams and to understand their meaning. Another helpful use for stilbite is to keep it next to you while meditating. It will assist in keeping your mind focused and help to bring clarity and insights about what action you need to take in the world.

It can be used in the treatment of the loss of taste, laryngitis, and brain disorders.

1 lb 13.2 oz
5 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 2 1/4″
Stand not included with purchase.
Measurements are approximate.
Item #1025


Additional information

Weight 31 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in

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