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A Mother's Dance CoverI am so glad you are here!

Here is a little bit more about my book that I want to share with you before you download the first chapter for free.

1.  Why I wrote the book?
I wrote this book in hopes that it would bring healing to others. Instead, I discovered I was the one who healed.

2.  What you will get in Chapter One:
With all three kids in college and thriving, Pattie is excited about her new career as community relations manager at Barnes & Noble. That is, until she receives a call that here nineteen-year-old son was admitted to the Medical University of Carolina, tagged as ‘John Doe’ and given only twenty-four hours to live.

3.  Why this book may speak to your heart?
I don’t believe any person leaves this world without enduring storms in life, some mild and some treacherous—loss of a job, divorce, terminal disease, addiction, and loss of a child or loved one… Yet it’s not the size of the squall that matters; it’s how we handle it that counts. Even though my dreams had been tossed and blown, I knew I had a choice—to surrender them or fight to keep them alive. I chose the latter. As difficult as it was to blaze through the gales blinded by the pelting rain, while dodging lightning bolts quaking at my feet, I marched on with hope in my heart. Cloaked in courage, faith became my guiding light. But at the end of the road I had another choice to make –to stay stuck in my grief or step into the life I was meant to create. I hope that my story inspires others to brave their storms.


As my gift to you, please enjoy the first chapter of A Mother’s Dance.

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