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The Minimalist Guide to Creating Your Perfect Life

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I get it. Life is busy. There is so much to do, so many things to pay attention to, countless people to connect with. How do you find the time to work on consciously creating a better life than the one you have?

I ask: How can you not make the time?

If you know that you create your own reality and still don’t make the time to work on consciously creating your dream life, you don’t really understand what’s at stake here.

You can create a reality with more time, more money, more resources, more support, more love, more ease, and more elegance. I repeat, how can you not make the time?

How do you fit conscious creation into your busy schedule? You take a minimalist approach—a little bit a day results in major changes down the road.

Here is a guide to get you creating new realities with the least amount of time and effort:

1. Make “Creation Time” a habit

You don’t forget to brush your teeth do you? Why? Because you know it’s important. Consciously creating your reality is important too (perhaps more important than daily brushing). Start thinking of it that way.

Your conscious creation habit doesn’t have to take a long time. Ten minutes a day is enough to change your life.

2. Plan ahead

If you establish a “Creation Plan” and commit to just ten minutes a day, you can see some amazing shifts. But chances are you’ll stick with it if you plan your sessions weekly. Here is a suggested outline:

• State your overall intention. Such as:

I intend to create a life overflowing with joy and happiness—a life that honors my temperament, talents, strengths and gifts—a life filled with all my dreams coming true. Or,

I intend to experience greater and greater levels of peace, joy, love, excitement, curiosity, wonder, creativity and love.

• Write your top priority for the week. Such as:

This week I will focus on increasing my abundance. Or,

This week my focus is expanding my creativity.

• Schedule what you’ll do each day for ten minutes. Such as:

Sunday – Work with my child self to discover hidden beliefs.

Monday – Change the beliefs discovered yesterday.

Tuesday – Read my intentions and daydream my future.

Wednesday – Do a quick manifesting technique.

Thursday – Plan the changes that need to happen when my dream manifests.

Friday – Reflect on the past couple of days. What signs did I receive?

Saturday – Meditate with my future self and find out how she created such a fabulous life.

• Plan a reward for your creation time follow-through. Such as:

An hour or two all to myself to luxuriate in knowing my dreams are coming true. Perhaps I’ll go shopping, watch a movie, take a bubble bath—something that celebrates the magician that I am and seven days that I committed to the creation of my future..

3. Learn in baby steps

We can always get better at being a successful creator, and there are a lot of great books out there that can teach us how. But how do you make time to read them? Again, by taking the minimalist approach:

• Keep your book of the moment in your car, where you can read a few pages while waiting for others.

• Keep an inspiring book by your bedside, where you can give your subconscious a boost before sleep.

• Sign up for an email version of a book available in tiny, bite-sized pieces, such as 365 Days of The Map.

You don’t have to quit your life and join an ashram to work on your metaphysics. But you do have to continually move forward if you want anything to change.

And don’t be surprised if you get so excited when your world begins to shift that you carve out more than ten minutes a day—consciously creating success can be addictive.

Download The Minimalist Creation Plan Here