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MichelleGilibertoMichelle Giliberto is a passionate, caring and intuitive healer. She has developed her own healing modality, The Art of Vibrational Healing™. By matching vibrational signatures in the body, she transmutes all manner of illness by releasing the blocks that create them. She enjoys taking inspiration from music, art, poetry, her family and especially her clients to channel in hundreds of vibrational signatures that are facilitating healing for people all over the world.

Connected to Source, Michelle uses intuitive customization to guide each person through the process of their unique healing by creating an environment for transformation on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She works with each client to discover and heal the root cause of their condition, by identifying and releasing blocks such as limiting beliefs, patterns and unprocessed emotions.

Those beliefs and patterns shape our personal reality, often magnetizing pathogens, disease and life experiences for us to learn from. Healing at the root level allows for transmutation of the cause of symptoms and connects the client to their true, focused intention and the ability to take inspired action to create a life they love.

Michelle holds a B.S. in Communications and Public Relations from Boston University. After 12 years in the corporate world of creative and marketing services, she embarked on a journey to help her children heal from chronic illness. That led to her co-founding the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Epidemic Answers which connects parents and caregivers with recovery solutions for compromised children. During that time, Michelle became a Reiki Master which then led to her extensive study of Metaphysical Anatomy, Dowsing, Energy Kinesiology, and Shamanic healing.  She also holds certifications in Theta Healing – Basic, Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Game of Life and DNA3.

Michelle currently has a full time practice in Fairfield County, CT. She holds healing sessions and workshops in person and remotely. She also teaches the Art of Vibrational Healing™ and Journey Into The Body™ for personal healing and for professionals to use in their existing practice.

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