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Messages From Your Unseen Friends are messages written by Boni. Boni writes in the voice of your Unseen Friends. They are written to inspire you to begin thinking about, calling upon, and developing a relationship with your own (very real) Unseen Friends.

You can receive the messages from your Unseen Friends in three ways:

1. On the home page of this website the latest message appears with the header, “A Message for You”. If you log into the site, these messages will be personalized for you.
2. Receive a “random” message from your Unseen Friends on our “Let Your Unseen Friends Speak to You” page.
2. You can receive the messages via email every week. These messages will also be personalized for you. Sign up here.

Here are some responses from readers:

“Your writing is addictive…you are left wanting more.  It’s like you are speaking to each person individually—what a wonderful and beautiful gift.  So excited for the book. xoxo” ~ Jackie

“Boni, I love the emails from “your unseen friends”. I am so proud of what you have created. It is truly a beautiful all encompassing package. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and energy, but know that those of us who receive it are grateful you took the time to share.” ~ Liz

“Thank you whoever you are, I heard it and it brought a tear! That’s what the soul truth does!” ~ A friend

Here is what Boni has to say about the messages:

“Writing on behalf of your Unseen Friends is remarkably different from my other writing. I ask to be connected to ‘my’ Unseen Friends, and then they connect to the reader’s Unseen Friends. Somehow the messages that come back to me are imbued with the energy, intent and message for each reader individually. I am as moved by these as are my readers. Our Unseen Friends truly are there for us, guiding us and trying their hardest to let us know how loved we are. I feel very humbled and blessed to be able to play a small part in these messages.”

Learn more about your Unseen Friends and how to work with them here.

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