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The Map Workbook Giveaway!

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So many fans of The Map have asked for a workbook, and it’s finally here!

As you probably know, The Map was published in 2013, and within one year had won…

Seven International Book Awards!

Law of Attraction Leaders named it…

Best Law of Attraction Book of 2013

And it has…

159 Five Star Reviews on Amazon!

I have heard from thousands of people all over the world that their lives began to change before they even finished the book! Here are just a few of the comments:

“Reading The Map is like having a dream coach on speed dial.” – Victoria Moran, best selling author of Creating a Charmed Life

“This book has the potential to be one of the most profound books ever in the field of personal transformation.  Highly recommended!” – Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Run—don’t walk—to get your hands on a copy of The Map.” – Meadow Linn, Author of The Mystic Cookbook

 “Well yesterday I officially hired my book cover designer and filed my articles of incorporation…. Thank you for The Map. It has been so helpful in birthing this dream that has been in my heart for 12 years. I will be forever grateful to you.” – TR

“Please everybody BELIEVE! Read The Map. In three weeks I have manifested four of my intentions. The most difficult part is not letting the negativity creep in. When it does, I stop and take the book and use the techniques, imagine and feel my intentions as if I have them already until the energy flows back into my intentions.” – LHS

“I will have made more money in one quarter than I did in a whole year previously, with ease and elegance. Thank you, Boni, for The Map!” – WK

And now, with The Map Workbook, it will be easier than ever to create your dream.

Even more exciting news—I’m giving away…

10 Signed Copies of The Map Workbook!

In order to be eligible to win your copy, simply send me an email, letting me know how The Map has changed your life. The top ten stories of transformation will win a free, signed copy of The Map Workbook along with a PDF copy too!

Here’s how to win:

•  Send an email to

•  Include:

•  Your picture (yes, I want people to see your beautiful face if you win!)

•  Your name

•  Answers to these questions:

•  What is your dream?

•  What did you create?

•  How did The Map help?

By entering this contest, we are assuming you give us permission to use your testimonial with your name and photo. And thank you by the way, you are awesome!

The contest closes on ­­­­­July 4th!

I am really excited to read your stories! Leave comments, questions and love below…

With love,


And the Inner Art Team