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What People Are Saying About “Life On Planet Earth”

“I loved this little book! It takes a light, funny but truthful look at the paradigm of living on Earth in a human body. It basically takes the universal truths about Universe, Earth, life and existence and displays it in a humorous fashion. A much needed break from all the serious book on the subject that I have read. But it isn’t without a message: what this little gem tells you is that you should enjoy your time spent here and have fun!” ~ Luka Maras, 5-star Amazon Reviewer

“This is a great book for anyone who wants to consciously create! Boni does a fantastic job of infusing joy and inspiration into a book that is a simple read, but with larger implications. It’s a stepping stone to her wonderful book ‘The Map.’ If you are into Abraham Hicks, the Seth material, the Law of Attraction, Science of Mind… you will dig this!” ~ Cecilia, 5-star Amazon Reviewer

“Reading this little ebook is the best spent 20 minutes of my year so far. Boni has a special knack for clarifying ‘The Big Questions’ in a way that few others who have made the attempt ever achieve. Shining through all of her work, including this short summary of her world-wisdom, is the warm assurance that the best is yet to come; that we are all placed here on earth to create a loving, positive experience; and that it can all be so clear if we only choose to see. The ebook is an excellent preparation before diving into the work of ‘The Map’. Thank you, Boni!” ~ Rob in Virginia, 5-star Amazon Reviewer

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