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“Children should also be taught that success and fulfillment come from inside, and it is only inside that matters. Each of us is responsible for how we feel, what we wish for, and how we decide to approach life’s challenges. The highest responsibility is fulfilled not by doing a huge amount of work but by doing the work of spirit in an attitude of joy and creativity. This is the only way that life without struggle becomes possible.”
― Deepak Chopra

Congratulations for furthering the growth of the child(ren) in your life with the Crystals for Kids Kit!  An important note: The kit (and the resources on this page) are intended for you to work with your children on these topics.

You may have noticed that the kit itself follows the format of conscious creating that is taught in The Map—winner of eight book awards. The reason for this is simple … You create your own reality, and the “map” process is the most straightforward way to learn to create consciously.

We all create our reality with the energy we emit in the form of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Crystals are an amazingly powerful way to intensify energy, and to help creations manifest easier, quicker, and more elegantly. Combining crystals with intentions, action steps, techniques, and going deeper, is the best possible way to become better at manifesting your reality.

Although kids do create their reality, they are not yet able to take responsibility for that creation. However, this kit will help them build a solid foundation on which to strengthen their all-important sense of self-love, learn to express their emotions without fear, and take those first baby steps towards learning to consciously create their world.

I’ve compiled some additional resources* for the most exciting and rewarding work of your life. Included are:


Helpful Resources

Crystal Resources

Belief Changing Resources

Facebook Page/Groups

BONUS GIFT Crystal Grid & Ritual for Kids


Wishing you and your child much fun, love, laughter, and discovery on this journey.




6 Steps to Vaporize Your Negative Beliefs and Heal Your Self Criticism (for Parents) – Aha! Parenting Blog

30 Questions to Investigate Your Child’s Beliefs – Lifehack

125 Positive Affirmations for Kids to Skyrocket Strength, Confidence and Self-Love – Parents With Confidence

How to Arm Little Kids Against Negative Thinking – Fatherly

How to Overcome Negative Thinking: Top Six Strategies for Teaching Your Pint-Sized Pessimist a Better Way – WorryWiseKids

Making a Magic Box – Boni Lonnsburry

Negative Core Beliefs: How They Affect Kids and What to Do – YMC Motherhood Unfiltered

Unhealthy Beliefs Kids Deal with About Themselves and How to Help – iMOM


Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 4-10) – Lazaris

Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 11 +) – Lazaris

Relaxation and Self-Love / Good Health and Chakras (Ages 4-10) – Lazaris

Self-Forgiveness and Self-Love (Ages 11+) – Lazaris


Grateful Together: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Their Parents – Vicky Perreault

My First Gratitude Journal: Fun and Fast Ways for Kids to Give Daily Thanks – Creative Journals for Kids

Sitting Still Like a Frog – Eline Snel

Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety, and Stay Focused – Tejal V. Patel

Listening with My Heart: A story of kindness and self-compassion – Gabi Garcia

The Full ‘Original Emotional Literacy Series’ (21 books) – KidsEQ (use discount code Livealifeyoulove10 and receive 10% off!)

Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book: 150 Playful Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Teens (and Grown-Ups too!) – Christian Bergstrom

Vibrational Assistance:

Resonance Water for Kids (coming soon!)



I Tried Healing Crystals in My Family Home, Here’s What Happened – Parents


Using Gemstones to Connect with Your Superpowers: For Kids + Adults – Alex Hadassah Anzalone

Crystal’s Quest: An Adventure into the World of GemstonesLisa Fontanella

Crystals R for Kids – Leia Stinnett

Crystal Kids: Metaphysics, Meditations, Healing Arts and Crystal Fun for Beginners of All AgesMarcia Singer

Other crystals that can be used for abundance:


Apache Tear



Black Tourmaline

Blue Lace Agate

Clear Quartz





Lapis Lazuli





Tiger’s Eye



How to Change a Belief – Boni Lonnsburry


How to Change Your Beliefs – Guided Meditation – Boni Lonnsburry


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