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We believe collaboration is important in this world—especially on the Internet. It is valuable to connect people with other people with whom they might benefit.

However, we do not include products from others on my site at this time. Why? Because we won’t include something we don’t have firsthand knowledge of, and we don’t have time to vet all the products that come our way, as awesome as they may be.

But we do love partnerships and there are ways we can work effectively together assuming we share complementary products and information. Here are some ideas:

Boni could guest blog for you


  • Your readers would learn from a best selling and award-winning author about conscious creation. Boni will apply the principles to any topic and make it as complex or simplified as necessary to server your readership.
  • We would link back to your site from our Guest Appearances page.
  • We will promote your piece on our social media pages.

You could promote or launch a product

How this might work:

  • You could promote a product or offering via your list and include either our link or a bonus gift we offer.
  • You could write a similar email for us to send to our list of people who have chosen to opt in to this type of announcement (more than 1,100 as of this update).

You could join our Affiliate Program


  • You would make up to 50% on our products.
  • You would be provided with emails, banners and ads to promote those products.
  • Your readers would join the thousands of people who have already begun to consciously create a life they love.

We hope you will consider some of these ideas. If you’d like to contact us with questions about these or other possibilities, please email [mailto] [/mailto]