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Praise for Boni’s books, classes, blog and newsletters:

Dear Boni,

In your Monthly Newsletter, you started out with a story of the seven ways to “Jump The Gap”.  I would like to share that this story really solidified your point with me.  There is something about telling a personal story that really brings home the point.  Your book, “The Map” and your ideas are all so fabulous.  Thank you so much for all that you do and share with all of us!”


This website is awesome! It is a treasure chest of so much wonderful information. And “The Map” is phenomenal. It is all so exciting and inspiring to see everything you have created.

Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful wisdom with the world.
You’re awesome Boni! Please keep up the amazing work….


You are AMAZING! You have such a gift with your thoughts and words. I consider you my earth angel. I love getting your emails and they are always right on point as if you know me! I am sending you a big hug. Thank you so much!

Hi Boni

Here is a hug for you Boni. Love your website. Your book (“The Map”) is on its way ..ordered it through Amazon yesterday. Look forward to it.
Mary Ellen

Hi Boni

I just received your beautiful book “The Map” today. I was so excited to get started with it. I am already into chapter 3 of it and loving it. Everything you have created with this website and your book are just beautiful and so inspiring. There is a wealth of extremely useful information here. And the emails from “Unseen Friends” are so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom with the world. Keep up the awesome work! Would love to have “The Map” in audio format available.


Hi Boni,
I have been following you on Facebook for a while now but I just found your website this last week, and I can not get enough of it! I absolutely love the articles and information and its been perfect timing for me, as I am just raising my money vibration and have been using so many of your recommendations! Thank you so much!


Boni, I love the emails from “your unseen friends”. I am so proud of what you have created. It is truly a beautiful all encompassing package. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and energy, but know that those of us who receive it are grateful you took the time to share.


Dear Boni,

The messages I have been receiving are so uplifting and are genuinely helping me to think differently, thank you hidden friends. <3<3<3

Sent via Hugs Form

Dear Boni,

I’d like to thank you … it’s so true what you tell me. And I agree with what Michelle wrote.

Love, light and blessings to you.

Sent via Hugs Form

Boni –

I want to thank you for the clean, elegant style in which you deliver your message of love. That is really what all this is…loving life and seeing how it loves you right back! For years I have been seeking a way to put what I have been learning about our existence and how to truly change my perception so that my circumstances could change. You have provided just such a instructions, plus a forum for “trouble shooting” and success stories. I am so very grateful. Like you, I have spent some time in some very bad places that I created, and did not know how to get out. At the time, I didn’t know that I never had to be there in the first place! But it is a lesson I learned, and have been blessed enough to be able to share with others so that they can get out also.

Please keep shining your light, just in case I get a little lost on some days :)


Brilliant!!  Exactly what we all need to hear. Love your work…just love it.  Keep inspiring baby….and creating safety and opening that relationship with everyone’s Higher Self ~ Resonance Raiser!!!  Love you…


Boni… made it through the first part without crying…got to the end and damn if I didn’t cry.  You are amazing and brilliant and so inspired. I’m so proud of you and what you are doing.  Busting at the seams.  It’s my chest holding my expanded heart! xoxo


I just wanted to tell u thank you and I love your page!

Sent via Hugs Form

Dear Boni –

I want to tell you that your blog posts are truly inspiring and illustrate perfectly that everyone has the ability to create a life they love. Your posts are filled with real world examples of your own successes (and challenges), and techniques that not only provide me calm and comfort, but also the genuine feeling that I am not alone in this personal journey of creation – you are right there holding my hand and guiding me with the map to my ultimate treasure of a life I love. I get goosebumps every time I see a new post… that has to mean something. Lots of love to you, and thank you.


Hi Boni,

I am glad I found the website on Google. This is what I like to do, helping people without expecting in return. Website is very helpful and helps people to realize themselves.

You are doing great job for people. I have no words for appreciation.I just like to thank you from my bottom of my heart.



Regarding Messages From Your Unseen Friends:

Hi Boni,

OMG this made my day!

I always thought that I knew I was connected until I read your email and “wow”! I feel so much love and now I know that I am not separate from God. I can’t explain the feeling I have been feeling all day.

Thank you so much for these messages. They are amazing!



Hi Boni,

I just wanted to send you a private e-mail to thank you for your wonderful blog. I absolutely love your writing style…very clear, concise, easy-to-understand and all laced with a sense of humor and true desire to be of help. This combination is so rare to come across; I had to write to tell you.

I work diligently on creating a life I love and your site has been an important support to that process. With so much information available today on the topic, it is refreshing to find it put into concise, clear form such as you do. This capacity can be hard to find when dealing with/explaining esoteric concepts, and I really value and admire your ability to do just that.

I now wake up each morning and pull up your website to get caught up on all of your blog posts. I do not have Facebook, though I’ve seen your page there as well. I do hope you will continue to post directly to your site for those of us non-Facebookers (yes, we are still out here! :).

I’m assuming you do not do any personal coaching as I’ve not seen that offered on your site. If that ever changes, please do let me know. You are just the type of individual I would love to work with. Please do keep me on any lists you might have for in-person classes and the like.

Thanks again Boni, what you are sharing is a true gift of priceless value.



To all who read your work, Boni:

Boni is the most impeccable person I know as it relates to reality creation. I have known her for years and can tell you that she holds herself responsible for everything in her life. When something in her life isn’t working, she goes right to work to see what belief she may be holding that is creating that circumstance in her life.

I recommend her work to all of my clients because I know, without a doubt, that Boni has done the work and lovingly supplies guidance and clear and concise truths that help people to make new choices. There is no ego involved.

On earth, there will always be challenges to push you further into discovering truth and uncovering more of who you really are. Boni sees everything as an opportunity to learn and test her knowledge and knowing. These are the signs of a great teacher and mentor.

This is not to say that she hasn’t experienced emotional pain but she uses these experiences to push herself further into discovery and self reflection. She never goes into victim or martyr.

Allow this opportunity to work with a Master Teacher to move you into a magnificent life!!

With great love for all…


You were amazing last night and the workshop was great! I’m learning so much!

THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU for an amazing class, Just thought I would let you know that I particularly enjoyed the opening and closing it got my mind set on purpose right off the bat, also your meditation was vivid and I was able to relax into it quickly which was really fantastic. My only wish is that the meditations were longer as it’s one of my favorite parts, like chocolate I can not only have 1 square!


You were amazing last night and the workshop was great! I’m learning so much!

What I find is helping me the most is when you give examples of intentions and manifesting techniques. Because you give us so much information and I’m trying to process everything, it’s kind of hard to stay focused. But last night when you used examples I realized what you meant because I could visualize that image you presented immediately and not have to think about how I would use it. It made it easier for me to understand.

Thanks again for everything.


Great work keep it up :) kudos to the site owner. This is absolutely awesome.


Through the mazes of web searches and addresses, my path was led to your beautiful site which has warmed my soul and cleared the smog that lined my mind. Thank you for being a source of inspiration that trampolined itself into the chakra of my heart. I send you a million pink balloons…



I love your newsletter and have sent to lots of my friends and family. Thank you for the wonderful work.


I just LOVE your newsletter! It’s wonderful how the Universe seems to speak to me through some of the messages!


A friend recently forwarded me an email with your latest blog. The words were EXACTLY what I needed to hear… thank you!


I just wanted to thank you for the newsletter. It is helping me so much. I print most of it out for my ‘help’ folder, to re-read over and over.

Many, many blessings,


I am thoroughly enjoying your newsletter! It is beautifully written and the messages are very inspiring. Thanks so much for doing this. It is a wonderful gift to the world!

Much love,


Wooooo Weeee! You go girl! Congratulations Boni! Great newsletter!! My favorite part was the following… it is the one that held the power (for me) in your message:

Many would have you believe you only need to think more positively and you will create exactly what you want. For the most part, this simplistic advice only provides a metaphysical hammer to beat ourselves over the head with when we don’t succeed.

Too often we think we should be creating it ‘better’ and chastise ourselves for our failures. This works all right. It works at creating more of what we don’t want. The more we feel like a failure at relationships, the more we fail. Period.

I love this work! Thank you, thank you!


I was just meditating on an answer to a question. Afterward, I opened my email and ready your blog. BING – MY ANSWER! Thanks so much! I just wanted you to know that you have touched yet another life! Keep up the wonderful work! (And thanks again for my answer)


I am so glad you are back! I love your blog! Reading it really lifts my spirits and keeps me MANIFESTING! Thank yo and don’t go away anymore, we need you!!

Much love, take care,


I very much enjoyed the latest blog. Do you have anything in print? I’d love to own your book if you have one (or two).



You have the most amazing newsletter on the entire internet! Period! Please keep shining and sending this wonderful information to the ones who think that this life is only one stepping stone in the eternal journey to perfection. I’ve been involved with so many schools, teachings, etc and I find that your site really takes me where I want to go.

Thank you!


I just read your latest newsletter and thoroughly enjoyed it! Please continue to write and keep us going! Keep on writing and don’t ever stop as so many people will benefit from your wonderful words of wisdom!!

Love you Boni, for your newsletters!


I just wanted you to know that I stop by your website often. I’m grateful to have somewhere to go for inspiration and have passed the url on to several friends.

Thanks Boni!


Excellent information. Lucky me I reach on your site by accident, I bookmarked it.


I LOVE it Boni, its soooo stunning what you have done here!!!!! I receive a lot of emails from different places that try to help but I find after reading many of them I tend to get very frustrated and don’t feel all that good afterwards and realized that they tell you how it ought to be how you ought to do things etc, but not the methods of HOW!!!!!

Got to say when I read the posts on your site I found myself to be very calm and to feel good about things because you are talking into methodology and ways how to do it and there’s no hidden agenda of Ill just give you a bit and try to get you to buy something and I really appreciate that its above board and straight and the intention is to put out the full truth so that others can actually get it.

And as I experience it – it is clean, good intentions and I’m blown away by it!!! At last I feel I have found a site that is worthwhile that can actually help me!!!!! Thanks for that Boni – it’s beyond what I can say thank you to you for! BEAUTIFUL! :) Consider myself very honored and blessed to have found you! Lucky, lucky me! Must have asked VERY nicely! hehehe…