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happy holidays

Dear Fellow Creator,

In a few days we have twelve people coming to stay with us for ten days and another nine dropping by for meals. I have made eight kinds of Christmas cookies and put 3,000 lights on our tree.

I’m taking two weeks off from writing Messages from Your Unseen Friends, to be with family and to think about what I want to create in 2015.

What does someone create who lives a fairytale life already? I don’t have any needs, that is for sure. My life is amazing and I’m filled with gratitude for the beauty, love and elegance of my life. But I do have preferences.

There is a resonance of greater ease, joy, passion, creativity and peace that I desire for my life. How will that play out in my work in the coming year? I’m not sure about that yet—but I do know if I do what is most exciting every step of the way I’ll end up in the right place.

An opportunity is coming…

In 2015 it will be easier than ever to create a life you love. Why? Because the planet, and everything on it, will be at a higher frequency next year, and that means things will manifest faster. Good things and not so good things.

I suggest you set an intention, here and now: I intend to create the best year of my life (yet) in the coming year.

I also suggest you make conscious creation more of a priority in your life than ever before. Set aside time to work on your beliefs, intentions and to think about the response the universe is giving you. Find some support to make your creation play even more fun. And always, to the best of your ability, follow the path of your excitement.

My highest excitement is to create ways to help you make creating easier, more effective and more fun. So stay tuned for some new tools to do exactly that.

Please remember…

You have received a gift, know it or not, from God and Goddess. This gift is the best gift you could ever hope for. This gift is the gift of all of your dreams and desires coming true, if you choose to open and use the gift. Not just one dream, but all your dreams for a lifetime. There are no limits to what this gift can provide you—safety, innovation, joy, fun, excitement, love—you name it, the gift can give it.

Will you open your gift?

Wishing you a year filled with joy, love and abundance!

With great love,


PS – If you would like, please leave a comment below. I always love to hear from you!