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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein


Adolescent self – the part of you who is still 11 to 19 years old and who still exists today but in another time.


Child self – the part of you who is still 1 to 10 years old and who still exists today but in another time.


Conscious mind – the mind that is aware of your current existence but in a limited way (for instance, you see only a fraction of what is to be seen, you remember only a tiny bit of what happens in your lifetime, you know about only a miniscule bit of the world you live in etc.).


Desire – to wish or long for things, states of being, successes or people in your life.


Dream – desires gathered in a cohesive mental vision of your future (ideal) life.


Energy – the resonance or vibration that emits from you after you’ve felt an “essence” which attracts realities (in the form of people, health, things and events) into your world. These realities will result in your feeling the same “essence” it took to create them.


Essence – a condensation of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Essentially feelings connected to thoughts, with supporting beliefs (all around one topic), is essence.


Flow – the movement of energy (resonance or essence) from you into your world resulting in new realities which match the energy (resonance or essence) put forth.


Future self – the you(s) who exists at any given time in the future. Multiple future selves exist for each moment in time and for each level of success or failure possible for you.


Illusion – the three dimensional world which manifests as a result of one’s energy (thoughts, beliefs and feelings). Note: this is the same as “reality” below – just another way to view it.


Intentions – dreams and desires clarified into statements that set forth a commitment to manifest them.


Kinesiology – the science of the interrelationship between your body and other things (such as thoughts, beliefs, statements, food, supplements, etc.)


Level 1 beliefs – surface beliefs which are neither deeply imbedded nor difficult to change.


Level 2 beliefs – the majority of your beliefs that relate to the various aspects of your life. These beliefs are somewhat imbedded and take more effort to change than level 1 beliefs.


Level 3 beliefs – the one or two core beliefs about the nature of you and/or your world which affect everything in your reality. These beliefs are deeply imbedded and take the most effort to change.


Map (The) – a step by step process to follow to consciously create anything in your world.


Negative self – the part of you that is a representation of your inner saboteur, your inner critic, your ego’s negative aspect and the least evolved part of your being. This self is not ready for success in any manner and seeks to sabotage you at every turn.


Reality – the three dimensional world which paradoxically isn’t real.


Resonance – see energy.


Responsive universe – our universe responds to our energy (i.e. thoughts, feelings and beliefs) by manifesting the essence of that energy into our world.


Signs – small indications that the (new) energy you are emitting is changing your world and your dream is on its way to manifesting.


Source – the creator(s) of “all that is”. AKA God, and/or Goddess, The Divine, etc.


Subconscious mind – the mind that is aware of every tiny detail of your current life as well as past lives.


Time lag – the time between flowing energy with a certain essence and the universe responding with a manifestation carrying the same essence.


Unconscious mind – the mind that is aware of every tiny detail of all that is.


Universe – the physical reality one is incarnating in.


Unseen friends – those who love you and are connected to you who do not have physical bodies in the dimension you currently live in. In this book those would include God, Goddess, your soul, your higher self, your spirit, your angels, your guides, your future self etc.


Vibration – see energy.


Younger adult self – the part of you who is still 18+ years old and who still exists today but in another time.