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The components of creation are thoughts and feelings, and by extension, beliefs. Thoughts are important because every thought has a corresponding feeling, and beliefs are important because they result in energy being put forth towards creating your world 24/7.

But of all the ingredients, the most direct creative force is your feelings. Therefore it is crucial to be able to feel the way you want to feel in order to create what you want to create. But sometimes it’s not possible to change your feelings simply by changing your thoughts. That’s where the Bach Flower Essences can be so incredibly helpful. They allow a shift in your feelings rather magically. Yay nature!

How to Use the Chart

It’s simple to use this chart. Although it may take some practice before you become at ease with the outcome. The good news is, even if you misdiagnose what essences you need, there is no harm done. The essences are safe in any quantity.

Step One – Connecting with your higher self and establishing what a “yes” is

You’ll need a pendulum for this process, or something small and heavy attached to a chain or string. A heavy necklace works great, as does a key or another heavy object tied to a thin string.

Your higher self will help you connect with which remedy is suited for you at this time. Begin by saying, “Please connect me with my higher self, and respond with a ‘yes’ when we are connected.” (Wait for the pendulum to signal “yes”. Then continue, “Higher self, please show me a ‘yes’ with this pendulum.” The pendulum will either swing clockwise or counter clockwise. Once established, ask them to then show you a “no.”

You may request that the movement becomes stronger, if you are not certain whether it is moving in a circle or not.

Step Two – Make certain the results are free from interference

Ask your higher self, “Higher self, will you please make certain that only accurate information shows in this reading, and that my agendas and/or subconscious beliefs and/or expectations are not interfering with the results.”

And wait for the “yes” response in the pendulum.

Step Three – Test for essences needed

Ask the following questions, making note of each response:

  1. If you are testing for another person or animal, say, “Please connect with the higher self of ________.” (Wait for the pendulum to show “yes”.)
  2. Say, “May I have permission to inquire about Bach Flower Essences for _______?”  (Wait for the pendulum to show “yes”.)
  3. Continue, “Do/does __________ need a flower essence at this time?”
  4. And then, “How many flower essences do they/I need right now?”  (Wait for the pendulum to show “yes”.) Generally the requirement is between 1 and 4. Make note.
  5. “Please show me the first essence.” And hold the pendulum over the center of the chart in the middle of the “essence flower. Make note.
  6. Repeat the question for the rest of the essences required. Make note.
  7. Ask, “I understand the essences required to be: (name the essences), please confirm.” Start over if you receive a negative response.
  8. Ask, “How man times a day should I/they take this essence?” and hold the pendulum while you ask, “One, Two, Three, Four…” and when it moves to “yes” you have your answer. Make note.
  9. Ask, “How long should I take these essences? A month? More than a month? Less than a month? (Narrow it to the number of days.) And how long should I continue treatment?””
  10. “Thank you higher self.”

How to Prepare the Essences

There are many ways to prepare and take essences. I encourage you to find your own “perfect way” that fits your temperament and inner knowing. This is one suggestion.

Purchase or round up:

  • The essences you pendeled for.
  • A bottle of spring water (tap water or distilled water are not adequate).
  • A teaspoon or so of brandy or vinegar (if intolerant to alcohol).
  • An empty dropper bottle.

Assembling the treatment bottle:

  • Sterilize the empty dropper bottle by putting it in a pan of water, bringing it to a boil, and letting it cool.
  • To the sterilized bottle, add spring water to 3/4 full, then add a teaspoon of brandy or vinegar, and to that add the required Bach Flower Essences.
  • Shake bottle, and take as directed.
  • When finished with diagnosed treatment, if you are not feeling emotionally clear, retest for a new formula. Otherwise, empty bottle and re-sterilize.