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FAQs About Our Affiliate Program

What is a Live a Life You Love affiliate?
Being a Live a Life You Love affiliate means you have chosen to promote Live a Life You Love products that Inner Art Inc. sells, on your website or via email. Choosing to become an affiliate means you find value in the products we sell, and want to broaden their reach by making them available to your audience as well.

How much commission can I earn as a Live a Life You Love affiliate?
You can earn between 10-50% of each sale depending on the product.

What happens if a customer I referred returns their product(s)?
We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If a customer returns their product(s) to us that was purchased from a referral from your website, we will credit the purchase back to the customer. The commission from that returned sale will be reversed within your account, and will show up in your account summary the following month.

What if a customer doesn’t purchase right away, but purchases later by going directly to the Live a Life You Love website?
There is a 30 day tracking system in place that will detect if a visitor to our site was referred to us by one of our affiliates. So, if the customer buys from the Live a Life You Love website directly within 30 days of your referral, you will still get credit for their purchase. If they return to the site after 30 days, it will not be tracked back to your referral.

What does it cost to join?
Absolutely nothing. The program is designed to provide additional benefit to your website and to your clients, as well as thank YOU for supporting the message we are sharing with the world.

How can I apply to be an affiliate partner with Live a Life You Love  to earn a commission on all of the products on
You can apply to be an affiliate partner by clicking here.

What marketing materials will Live a Life You Love provide?
– Digital ads for your website and/or email newsletters
– Pre-written Social Media posts
– An exclusive webpage
– Email text to promote “The Map” and other Live a Life You Love products
– Incentives to your community & more

Can I build a custom link or alter your banners?
We ask that you use the banner ads we provide without alteration, in order to keep our brand consistent. It helps our people identify Live a Life You Love no matter where they see us. We also ask that you use the link we provide to you so we are able to accurately track your transactions and commissions earned.

Can I utilize search marketing to promote Live a Life You Love?
Yes, you may utilize search engine marketing to promote the products at Live a Life You Love, provided you follow our advertising guidelines and do so at your own expense.

How are my commissions tracked?
By using the exclusive link(s) we provide to you, we track all of the transactions completed by referrals from your website or email marketing in an affiliate account especially for you. This is a completely automated process to ensure accuracy.

How do I get started sharing the products on Live a Life You Love?
Once you have applied for the affiliate program and been approved, you will receive an email confirmation and be invited to create an Affiliate Member Account. Once you have created an account, you will see a tab in your account called “Ads”. On that tab, you will find several options for banner ads, emails, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Once you plug the banner ad code into your website page, and assign your exclusive link to that banner ad, you will be ready to share Live a Life You Love products.
You will be also be able to access the account at any time to view transaction history in your Affiliate Member Account. To login, click “Login” at the upper right corner of our website header, and enter your user name and password under “Affiliate Member Login”.

Who is Inner Art Inc. and how are they associated with Live a Life You Love ?
All of the products and content for Live a Life You Love are provided by Inner Art Inc. Inner Art Inc. is the parent company of Live a Life You Love. All checks for your commissions earned as a Live a Life You Love Affiliate member will be paid by Inner Art Inc. Ten percent of the profits generated by Inner Art Inc. are donated annually to non-profit companies that aid in empowerment of individuals.