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Is Creation School right for you?

If you are serious about creating a life you love, Creation School may be for you. But Creation School isn’t right for everyone. It does take self-honesty, desire, willingness to do the work and dedication to learn to consciously create.

We get asked some hard questions about Creation School and we’ve listed them below, along with our straightforward and honest answers:


When does Creation School begin? What if I miss one of the Q&A calls?

We understand your life is busy.

That’s why you’ll be able to catch up at your convenience. All of the core content is downloadable.

Not only that, but you’ll have lifetime access to Creation School. Even if we add to it, upgrade it or raise the prices, you still have lifetime access—without paying another penny. Each year you can come back and refresh your skills.

The first module of Creation School will be released February 1st 2016.

The live Q&A teleconferences will be held the weeks of February 22nd and March 21st.

If you can’t make a call, we’ll record the call for you and you can listen and/or download it at your convenience. And remember, the Module content is available online. It’s also downloadable to your computer and viewable on your mobile phone or tablet.

This is a complete course that includes Video, Audio, C-sheets and Meditations.


Do I need to read The Map before taking this course?

It’s a really good idea, if you can.

Reading The Map is a strong recommendation, but not a requirement. If you want to get in on Creation School and not wait until the next one in 2017, and you just won’t have time to read it, no worries. The course will stand on its own.

But if you can read The Map before then it will help prepare you for the transformation to come. Conscious creation is a lifetime of growth, and every (worthy) tool you can get under your belt will accelerate your process.


I’ve learned from every LOA teacher under the sun. How is this course different?

This course is different because Boni is different.

In order to really teach something, you have to have lived it. Boni has been challenged in nearly every aspect of her life, and quite consciously created her dream in money, career, love, relationships and more.

Boni has proven her system works:

  • She took $50 (not another cent) and created a $5 million annual sales marketing company
  • She created meeting and marrying the love of her life in her 50s
  • She went from foreclosure and bankruptcy to fulfilling abundance—living on the ocean in the Bahamas and a mountainside in Boulder
  • She is doing the work that she loves and living the life that she adores

As one Amazon reader points out:

“I have read hundreds of books on similar subjects. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of seminars, teachings and documentaries. I was an ‘expert’ in conscious creation, but only in theory.

This book is hands-down the book that changed all that for me. Finally after years of searching, this book answered my unanswered questions. Within a few days of reading this book, and actually doing the work, my life started changing really quickly. I am now filled with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for my magical future!

There’s just something about the way Boni writes, or something about her powerful intention behind this book, that makes it magical to me. As soon as I start reading I get goose bumps. I believe this book will go down in history as a society-changer.”

The Map has received more than 155 five star reviews on Amazon. It has won 7 international book awards. Thousands of people have written about how drastically their lives have changed since reading the book.

And now, Creation School, is the next step.


What if I don’t even know what my dream is?

That is the best place to start.

You don’t have to know what you want, Boni reminds us, as long as you know how you want to feel. From there, everything is creatable.

Creation School will help you discover your dream if you don’t have one yet, it will help you clarify your dream and begin to create it if you do.


I am not sure I really believe in the law of attraction.

Creation School will not convince you of the law of attraction.

If you want someone to prove the existence of the LOA, this course may not be right for you. But if you have an open mind and heart and just haven’t really had success with it yet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Knowing the law of attraction exists isn’t something that needs to be “proven.” It’s something that exists inside every single one of us as an absolute truth. But we aren’t ready to explore that truth until we are. If you are ready, welcome aboard!


Do I get access all at once?

No. The course is an eight-week course and the information is provided over those eight weeks.

It is important to complete each step to build on it before taking the next. Once you’ve gone through it during the first time, you can go back to it and skip around all you like.


What if I can’t finish the work?

Life happens, we understand.

You can download everything in this course, including the Q&A teleconferences, and complete them at a pace that is right for you. You won’t lose anything—it will be there when you are ready.


How much time do I need to commit to Creation School?

The more you put into Creation School, the more change you will see in your life.

There are different levels of participation as well. It will depend upon:

  • Whether or not you choose to participate in our live Q&A teleconferences (these are recommended, but optional).
  • Whether or not you participate in the comments and conversations in the Creation School community (again, recommended, but optional).
  • Whether or not you complete every meditation and every piece of homework.
  • Whether or not you choose to participate in the live 8 week program or complete the Modules in your own cadence, in your own time.


Will there be group work?

Group work is optional.

If you choose to connect with other Creators to form study groups (live or virtual) the opportunity is available. If you prefer to work on your own, that’s great too.

There will be options for group share available, including active “comment” pages, a private Facebook Group page as well as an optional participant list.


What if I’m not ready yet? Can I take it later in the year?

No. Creation School will be taught once a year.

If you aren’t ready this year, the course will be given again in 2016.


What is the price? Are there payment plans?

You can either pay in full $499 or there is a payment plan of $150 for four months.

If you choose the payment plan, your payments will be automatically charged on the same date of the month every month. We do not have any special payment plans outside of what is outlined above.

As long as you are on our email list, you’ll be notified of our yearly scholarship contest during the launch—which we hope you’ll participate in!


When do I have to decide?

Enrollment opens January 6th and closes January 20th.


Will there be one on one coaching with Boni?

This is a group-coaching course.

While Boni is very active in the comments and of course it is Boni on the phone during the live Q&A teleconferences we cannot guarantee personal feedback from Boni for each student.


Can I buy just a portion of the course?

No. The only option is the full Creation School course.


Can I share Creation School with my friend?

Creation School is an individual purchase course.

Upon registration you will receive one username, password, and member profile.

If you would like to take Creation School with another, you will need to purchase the course individually.


What if I’m not ready now? Will this be offered again?

Creation School will be offered one time per calendar year. 

If you think you will want the information this year, take the course now and take your time completing it. The next enrollment will be January 2017.


Do you guarantee success?

We guarantee that the law of attraction works—always.

You need to provide what will make it work for you. If you come with an open mind, desire, emotional honesty and the willingness to do the work, it will work for you.

Boni’s teaching and techniques have worked for thousands, many for the first time ever—and there is absolutely no reason it won’t work for you as well.


What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

Yes. We are fully committed to helping you learn to become a conscious creator.

You can test drive the course for 2 Modules, until February 13th, 2016. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from all available Modules. This means you must take action in this program.

We know that if you do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund 100%.

We do this because we’re looking for serious and dedicated students only.