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By Boni Lonnsburry

Most of the beliefs you will change in your lifetime will be level two beliefs (beliefs that are not light and meaningless, nor core beliefs). Below is an excerpt from The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True on how to change a level two belief:

Changing a level two belief:

1. Write out or print the old and the new beliefs.

2. Get into a quiet space, and close your eyes. Have your list of old and new beliefs with you. Call upon your unseen friends (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are) to assist you. You can say:

“I call on my angels, higher self, guides and others who desire to help me successfully change these beliefs. Gently guide, protect and assist me please, with harm to none.” 

3. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature. This place is serene, quiet and safe. Then imagine your unseen friends coming to be with you, surrounding you in a bubble of love and light. Take a few moments to close your mental eyes and feel the wonderful love and light. Feel the love, guidance and protection of your unseen friends. When you open your mental eyes you are surrounded in mist. And before you is a grand marble staircase. You, and your unseen friends, begin to walk up this staircase…up, up, up into the clouds.

4. At the very top of this staircase, you will be at the entrance to a city, which represents your subconscious mind. It could be modern or ancient. It could be a city in nature, with natural caves and carvings in the rocks. It could look like anything at all. It may change shape. Whatever it looks like it is perfect for you.

5. The king or queen of this city (your subconscious) will soon come to welcome you. Tell them you want to change your beliefs. They will look to your higher self for permission, and your higher self will nod its consent.

6. Follow the king or queen to the Building of Beliefs. Your higher self will join you. They will take you to the room in this building that holds your level two beliefs. You will enter a gigantic circular room, lined floor to ceiling with filing cabinets. There will be a ladder that slides around the room on a rail, to access the high drawers. You gaze around in amazement.

7. Tell them the first belief you want to change (it’s OK to peek at your paper). They will go to a drawer, open it and pull out the belief. It is written out on an 8½ x 11 piece of cardstock, plain as day.

8. You take the belief and bring it to a small table in the center of the room. On the table is a big, fat black marker. You take off the cap, and strike through the entire belief. You then rip it into tiny pieces, and place it into a silver bowl lying on the tabletop. Your higher self points a finger, and the belief bursts into flames, quickly extinguishing and leaving nothing, not even ashes, behind.

9. You take a clean, white piece of cardstock from a shelf underneath the table, and with a smaller black marker, write your new belief. Feel your hand shape each letter and say each and every letter in your mind as you write.

10. You hand the new belief to the king/queen and they deftly replace the belief.

11. You repeat this process with every belief you want to change.

12. When you are finished, thank your higher self and the king or queen. They will appreciatively accept your thanks.

13. And when you are ready, open your eyes.

14. Conscious mind follow-up: Write or type out only the new beliefs. Every day, for sixty days, read the new beliefs, with as much excitement and joy as you can muster. (If you skip a day, just add another day at the end.)

Then, flow some energy towards the dream you desire. Watch for signs of the manifestation. And enjoy your new reality!

Download Changing Beliefs Technique