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Don’t take our word for it. Read what others have to say:

“I purchased “The Map” about two weeks ago, and I’m on my 3rd reading of it! This time I am doing all of the exercises and techniques to the letter! I am already seeing amazing results from the step by step instructions that Boni gives in the book. I can’t recommend this work highly enough…I’ve read dozens if not hundreds of book on the Law of Attraction and this one if by FAR the best I have come across in over 10 years of studying this subject. Order your copy today – you will be glad you did!”



“I really enjoyed this book. I have read other books on the subject including many by Jane Roberts and Seth. I think the Map follows the same principles but does so in an easy to understand way and gives you specifics for focusing on what you wish to create. Who wouldn’t love Ms. Lonnisbury’s friendly manner of presentation as if she is right there, teaching you herself. Also enjoy her FaceBook Page and the encouragment I receive via her company’s e-mails to me. Keep up the good work. I recommended this to friends and they, too are enjoying it and learning from this book and positive thinking.”



“A great book on living a life using the Law of Attraction. There are several books on this topic, but this one has a very refreshing and positive slant on it. It is a feel good book that makes you want to put down the book so you can immediately get started on creating your wonderful life. I would definitely recommend this book to you. I bought two copies: one for me and one for my sister. And we both love the positive influence this book has had on our lives.

The difference between this book and other Law of Attraction books is this one gives you specific tools you can use to create your perfect life. And these tools work.”



“This book is the only book that has ever clicked. I have read many spiritual books and self help books trying to grasp the concept of life to be able to attract the life I have always dreamed. However, this book takes it step by step of exactly what you need to do. Every piece of ground is covered and it has already changed my life for the better and I am only half way through.”



“I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book and all I can say is that everyone needs to. Not only does it tell you how to create your own reality it shows you how. It gives you step by step instructions and guides you through creating a life you love. Boni’s personal stories give the book such a unique feel you can’t seem to put the book down.

This isn’t the first book on manifesting your destiny but it is the first that really shows you step by step how to. The examples, stories, hints and tools you will have are invaluable and you will be using them to find what truly is yours to have.”



“Thank you for writing this book. At first I was hesitant to listen because I have so many books that I thought were similar. Although most of them are good books I only listen to yours to see if you had anything different…you do! Since I started listening to this book last week and implementing some of your tips and techniques things are already happening! Thank you again :)”



“I will tell you, I have read hundreds of books on metaphysical, the law of attraction and so on, including The God Academy, which is/was/has been dubbed the book of all time ( I still don’t think I finished that book ). From page 1 this book, The Map had me. While quantum physics to a degree is still alive and well within the book, it’s the human/emotional side of things not science.

If you have read other books and still felt as though something was missing and/or left out, this is the missing piece, that fills all the gaps of so many other books. If you wondered why the law of attraction wasn’t working for you, this book, in terms you can understand shows you exactly why. I am amazed at how engaging this book is from the minute you pick it up. I have always been a firm believer in ” walk a mile in my shoes “, AND, I don’t want a text book version of a practitioner, I want someone who has lived the very lives we have, has faced the same struggles, walked as my father would say ” a mile up hill, both ways, through the snow, with holes in our shoes “.

The author, not only brings her own life, trials, tribulations and triumphs to the surface but she also brings what so many lack HOPE. This book is the hope that PROVES your circumstances can change, from right where you are. You don’t have to spend years in school, you don’t have to turn yourself over to a God you don’t believe in, you don’t have to mix a witches brew or stare into the moon ( I am not saying these are bad things by the way ). I am so grateful and excited for this book. While I am an extremely spiritual person and believe in the ” unseen “, have spent countless days, hours, months, and years studying the Law of Attraction, Reiki, Feng Shui, crystals and holistic healing, I will say, hands down, so far, this is the BEST book I have read.”

Melissa – Amazon


“I thought that “E-Squared” by Pam Grout was a good book, but this one has blown me away! She (Boni Lonnsburry) really has a grasp of things that have helped me trust in the principles much more deeply! I admit I can be skeptical. I have thought in the past (re: Laws of Attraction) that all of that is simply a method of reprogramming oneself (our minds) to be more alert to the world around us and pick up on what we’re looking for more readily.

But she has me more convinced that there is more to it than that, and, just like with music lessons, art lessons or dance lessons, as we practice the exercises with good intentions and due diligence, we do get better in our awareness of how we are all connected. I am going to be rereading this one for a long time to come!
I have been doing the exercises (several of them many times over) and it has been such a great release and process of discovery of who I am, and helped me gain insight into ways of forgiving those who are no longer in my life.

What a great book!”

Jeff – Amazon


“I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes from Boni and can tell you that her “map” works. I was excited when I heard she was writing “The Map”. I was even more excited when I read the book. The beauty of Boni is that she has created an amazing life from following this map. I am more interested in learning from someone who practices what they preach.

How often do we get the actual game plan that someone has used to create our own beautiful life? Every chapter guides you through the process and gives you the tools to use and follow. Of course being committed to practicing and utilizing these tools is the key. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to commit to changing and creating the life of their dreams.”



“I love the concept that we create our own life. Very much like “The Secret” and “E Squared.” But Lonnsburry goes further by giving directions on how to do it consciously. I bought a copy for each of my children. The author has a great, down to earth style. Loved the book.”



“I have read Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, The Secret and other books about creating and manifesting. I found myself in a “slump” and apparently manifested this book into my life pretty much the day it published. I purchased it and read it immediately! On my way to the dentist I did the “One Minute Manifestor”. The first sign happened upon entering the dentist office 10 minutes later, followed by three more an hour later and more everyday!

I know I’m on the right track now, thanks to The Map & Boni! My kids are reading it now and seeing results!

I highly recommend this book to beginners as well as to those seasoned creators who may be feeling like they hit a “slump” too.”



“The title of this book is so befitting! The book is indeed a map to creating the life you want to live. It is the HOW TO of the Secret, and other universal laws. Boni shows you how to do “the work” required to manifest what you desire, from the highs to the lows.

Highs meaning thinking through how you wanna feel and Lows, being uncovering those core beliefs that block the flow of creating what we truly want and learning to talk to our many inner selves that contribute to those core beliefs and other thinking that prevent what we want. I absolutely LOVE this book. I study with it, It’s an easy read with easy language and its fun and entertaining. This book is like conscious creation for dummies.”



“For the first time I GET IT! This book is such an inspiring and reality creating read. I have read other books similar to this, but this is the first one that has grabbed me by the shoulders and opened me up to a whole new level of understanding!!! I am still quite a novice in this realm, but I have taken to heart what Boni is saying and literally within hours I was seeing and receiving blessings and gifts.

I have found The Map to be very enlightening and uplifting (in a fun and eloquent way) and would recommend it to anyone looking to recognize their potential as a divine being.”



“I just bought your book and it is magical. I have written a similar book but yours seems to bring it all together and give a map that is easy to follow. I highly, highly recommend this book to all I teach and know.

Thanks again I had so much fun reading your book, a blast!!! Ideal for the beginner and advanced student of creating your own reality and practically getting to the life you dream of having.”



“The next step after E-Squared by Pam Grout, it literally gives you a way to continue shaping your own life. Highly recommended.”



“I LOVED The Map! It is by far my favorite “LOA” book. I love the concrete exercises. I have always understood how this stuff works, in my head… but this book has allowed me to take my knowledge and actually put it to use in my life! I have already seen ENORMOUS changes in my life from doing one simple exercise(and it’s only been a couple weeks since I read the book)I also LOVE LOVE the messages from my unseen friends. Every time I open one, it’s exactly what I need to hear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!”



“After reading other well known books on the law of attraction, this one really spells out how to manifest the life of your dreams. The others had great concepts, but taught mostly about “just think positive”. This book clearly states the actions you can take to manifest your positivity into your dream life.”



“It is amazing!!!!! I have read many book like this. This one is very easy to follow! I love it!”



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