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The Map to Abundance Cover cropped
Thank you again for being part of the launch of The Map to Abundance!

Click here to download the PDF of The Map to Abundance.

Here is just a little reminder of what a “Beta Reader” means:

•  You’re an honorary member of Team Abundance! Members of Team Abundance are the cheerleaders who help spread the word that abundance is our birthright.

• If you love The Map to Abundance, you agree to let your friends and family know about it (those who might be interested in creating abundance). And you agree to write a review (ideally here on this Amazon page) to let others know about it too.

• If you have questions as you read the book, let me know. I want to be sure this book is super user friendly, and you can help me with that. I may change the book in response to your questions, or I may include your question in the FAQs about abundance (which will be a bonus gift!).

• If you see any typos or errors in the book, please let me know that as well. Even though it’s been proofed dozens of times, we still miss things and appreciate you letting us know what you catch on this page. * Please submit your content feedback and edit suggestions by August 23, 2017

I hope you enjoy the book. I wish you a life you love, filled with abundance!