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Are you committed to becoming skilled at conscious creation?

Are you ready to create a life you absolutely adore?

Do you have questions about how to create the life of your dreams?

If your answers are “yes,” join Boni for an evening of sharing, learning, and fun! She’s hosting her first live Q&A where you can ask any question you have about conscious creation or The Map, and learn from other creator’s questions too.

Make 2016 your best year yet.


Date: February 17th

Time: 9 pm eastern (convert to your time zone)

Length: 90 minutes

Cost: $10 paid in advance (includes recording)



Questions you may have:

Do I get to talk to Boni?

The questions will be chosen randomly. You may have an opportunity to talk to Boni but it is not guaranteed.

What if I have a question but don’t want to ask it online?

You can pre-submit questions below. But again, there is no guarantee it will be answered.

What if I want to listen but can’t make that date?

Once you buy a ticket you will be able to listen to the recording whether you attend in person or not.

What if I don’t buy my ticket now, can I purchase a ticket to listen after the event?

You will be able to purchase a ticket after the event but the cost will increase to $15.

What if I’m not very tech-y?

The system we use is extremely user friendly. You can connect via Skype, Webcast, or you can even simply dial in by phone if you choose.

Spaces are limited–sign up here today


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