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I am Boni Lonnsburry, author of the best-selling book, The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True and an expert in conscious creation.

And I have an important message for you:

You are more powerful than you can imagine
You (really do) create your own reality.

I realize you may not have the ability to use that power…yet. But you can discover how to use it to create a life you love–and I can help.

Every one of us does create our own reality. That is indisputable and has even been scientifically proven. What most people don’t have is a step-by-step system to learn how to consciously create their realities.

That is what I have developed.

Upon first reading the truth, that we create it all, it touched something deep inside me. Instantly I knew it was true. However, it took me quite a bit longer to begin to implement that truth into my life and to begin to consciously create my own reality.

I have been to hell and back, in a quest to create a life I truly love. I know I could have skipped the “hell” part, but at the time I did not quite know how.

At first I wasn’t very good at conscious creating. I created little things but not much else. What the concept of conscious creation and my spiritual growth did do, however, was help me take a long hard look at my life, and figure out what I wanted, instead of what other people (and society) wanted for me.

I let go of a lot of what I didn’t want in my life before I began to discover what I did want. It wasn’t long after that I began to get the hang of conscious creation. I worked diligently at creating my dream. I tackled one area of life, and then another, and another and another, until, finally, I had a life I loved.

My life now is most people’s wildest fantasy:

  • I started a business in my spare bedroom with $50 and grew it into a $5 million company.
  • I live in a home I adore on a lake outside of Boulder, Colorado.
  • Just a handful of years ago I had never had a passport. In the last few years I’ve traveled to so many wonderful places I ran out of pages in my passport!
  • I have transitioned into my current joy professionally – writing and speaking about conscious creation.
  • I am in great health, and most people are surprised at my sixty some odd years on the planet.
  • But most importantly, I am happy. Truly, seriously, delightfully, and deliciously happy.

And that is the best part of my life. I have learned, no matter what, that happiness really is not dependent upon what I have or don’t have. My happiness is my choice. And the absolutely coolest part about getting good at conscious creation, is the ‘trappings’ of life – the money, success, opportunities, etc. come naturally if you allow them to, once you have the happiness piece down.

It is not a skill, nor is it a talent – to consciously create a dream come true. It is an art. An art that you may not be great at, or even good at for a while, but an art you can practice, learn both skills and technique, and become not only proficient at, but brilliant at.

This site is for you, my friends. You’ll find ideas, concepts, techniques and a bit of love are imbedded here… for you to try on for size, to see if you may make your journey this lifetime easier, more elegant and hopefully, more fun.

Wishing you a brilliant life you love,