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Download Magical Money Tree Technique

By Boni Lonnsburry

Money is an energy. Like air. Like water. Like earth. We give it so much weight…but it’s simply an energy like any other energy on the planet. And it is no more or less real than anything else on the planet. It’s all illusion.

This technique is all about making money less “real” and about imagining if it were as abundant as air! But this technique isn’t just for you, the adult. It’s for you of all ages, because if all the aspects of you are in alignment and agreement that you have all the money you could want, money will manifest for you as quickly as possible!

This technique takes just 25 minutes to do all of the parts. Or spend just five minutes a day for five days. But, IF you do this wholeheartedly…be on the lookout for changes in your reality around abundance!

YOUR CHILD SELF – 5 minutes

Often times fear of scarcity starts when we are children.  It is critically important that this aspect of you feels financially safe, secure and abundant. How can you do that? Easy. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself standing in front of the house you lived in when you were five. Find that little “you” and talk to him or her about money. Let them know you are here to take all of their worries away, and you have a “Magical Money Tree” to give to them.

And reach behind you and present them with the tree! You set it down, and you tell this child, “This tree grows money instantly! And as soon as you look away, an entire new crop will grow! You can pick the money, look away, and again a brand new crop will appear, fully grown! You can do this as many times as you like! It will grow a mixture of $1 bills, $10 bills and $100 bills! You can grow unlimited money on this tree! And you never have to worry about money again!”

The two of you practice looking away so the money can grow…again and again! You delight in the look on this child’s face. And when you are complete, you tell this child goodbye and you open your eyes.


Most teenagers never have what they consider “enough” money. You can change that for yours. Go and visit them, similarly to what you did with your child self. Give them the “Magical Money Tree” and picking off the bills, looking away and looking back to a fully grown new crop! Help them plan what to buy. Revel in the fact that money will never be an issue for them again.


There are times in most people’s lives where financially, they hit the lowest of lows.  Reflect on your “lowest” point financially, and close your eyes and imagine yourself there again. Find that “you” who struggled so with money. And give them the “Magical Money Tree”. It won’t make them happy…they have to do that for themselves. But it may make things easier for them. Stay with them for a bit—see what they do with all that cash. And help them feel secure, safe and “knowing they are abundant”.

YOUR FUTURE SELF – 5 minutes

Pick a “you” in the future who has the abundance you seek. And close your eyes, and be there with them. They don’t “need” the “Magical Money Tree”, but if you like you can give it to them, too.

Sit and talk with them. Let them tell you how it feels to be abundant, to never worry about money, to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are creating their financial wealth. The more you can feel this…the quicker you will become “them”.


If you are doing this technique regularly, you should be seeing some “signs” that your financial abundance is increasing. This is the universes “response” to your energy. Reflect on the “signs” you have received around abundance.  Respond positively to those signs! And if the signs aren’t there…look at your beliefs. Your reality never lies.

Download Magical Money Tree Technique