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  1. Ask your Higher Self to guide you, close your eyes, and pick the perfect card for you at this very moment.
  2. Put them in your loved one’s lunch box.
  3. Put them in a big basket at work and encourage co-workers to pick one a day.
  4. Slip them into library books.
  5. Tape one to every mailbox on your walking route.
  6. Put one in your loved one’s luggage.
  7. Use them as stocking stuffers.
  8. Put them in a bowl in your entryway and give one to every person entering your home.
  9. Leave one on a grocery store shelf.
  10. Put one each under your family’s plates at dinnertime.
  11. Tuck into your greeting cards.
  12. Hand them out with every business card.
  13. Place inside the envelopes of all your bill payments.
  14. Pick a quote a day to write on the chalkboard at college.
  15. Choose one each night before bed and ask your unseen friends to help you assimilate it.
  16. Laminate them and hang them outdoors on a clothesline as decorations.
  17. Leave them on the pillow with a chocolate for your overnight houseguests.
  18. Leave one with a tip at a restaurant.
  19. Turn them into magnets. Any office supply store has business card size magnet backs for cheap.
  20. Slip one under the pillow of the one you love while they sleep.
  21. Wrap one in a $1 bill and secure (visibly) under a small stone at a bus stop.
  22. Build a house of (creation) cards.
  23. Place one inside a magazine at the doctor’s office.
  24. Play poker using the Creation Cards as “chips.”
  25. Put one inside of the “reusable bags” for sale at the grocery store.
  26. Tuck them inside of flowers along a busy street.
  27. Tack them up on bulletin boards where business cards are posted.
  28. Have a different quote printed on the back of every business card you hand out (be sure to give Boni Lonnsburry credit for the quote).
  29. Add a sticky note: “Random act of empowerment.” And give the card to a stranger.
  30. Give one to the tollbooth attendant.
  31. Tape one to the back of a park bench.
  32. Pay the bill for the card behind you in drive through…ask that the cashier gives the driver a creation card.
  33. Slip under the closed doors of co-workers.
  34. Clip under the door knocker of neighbors.
  35. Give a set along with all birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts.
  36. Sneak one into the lunch bag of a coworker.
  37. Slip them under  windshield wipers in a parking lot.
  38. Hide them all over your house and enjoy when people find them (including you).
  39. Stuff one into the jacket pocket of your friend or loved one.
  40. Prop one in the refrigerator.
  41. Punch a hole in one and attach it to a keychain (laminating it first might work best for this one).
  42. Tape one to a computer screen.
  43. Arrange a few of them artfully on a serving platter.
  44. Hide one in a sock.
  45. Tape one to the inside of a newspaper.
  46. Give a set to your favorite teacher to use in class.
  47. Hand to homeless people (along with some money or food).
  48. Give a set to a graduate.
  49. Keep a few sets on hand for hostess gifts (perhaps with a bottle of wine).
  50. Tuck a set in an Easter Basket.
  51. Hand them out to parents on Halloween.
  52. Give them as “welcome to your new home” gifts, along with a plate of homemade cookies.
  53. Leave a few for Santa.
  54. Send some in a birthday card with a note that you are wishing the birthday person those energies during the coming year ahead.
  55. Give them to kids to use as trading cards.
  56. Use them for charades.
  57. Decoupage them onto the frame of a mirror.
  58. Hand one out to guests at a party and (as an icebreaker) challenge people to describe their card without using the name—the quickest guesser and describer win a set of creation cards.
  59. Tape them beneath a chair at a meeting and when the attendees discover which card they have tell them it wasn’t an accident—they possess that quality and therefore were drawn to the card.
  60. Hang some cards from ribbons and make a mobile.
  61. Laminate them and hang them from a tree outside your house with Christmas ornament hooks.
  62. Tuck them into helium balloons and let them go.
  63. Put one inside a Skymall catalog on your next flight.
  64. Put them in a business card holder at your place of business with a sign: “Take One”.
  65. Give all the sets together to a college grad.
  66. Use as wall art: hang lengths of satin ribbon along a wall and glue the cards to the ribbon equally spaced…hang the next ribbon down slightly, so the cards are at the level of the first ribbon’s spaces. Repeat as many times as you like.
  67. Put one in a bottle (with a secret removable bottom) and leave it on the beach.
  68. Tuck them in locker doors at the health club or spa.
  69. Tape a paper to the top with your dinner guest’s names and put them in a name cardholder for a dinner party.
  70. Draw one each time you meditate as a phrase to focus upon.
  71. Take one to yoga class and put in front of you during the class—pass them out to classmates.
  72. Place them artistically under the back window of your car.
  73. Laminate them and hang them in your shower. Focus on one idea every day during those few minutes of mindless ritual.
  74. Send one a week to a loved one as your way to “pay it forward”.
  75. Pick one each night to discuss at the family dinner table.
  76. Send a pack to your Congressman with a request to consciously create an effective and compassionate government.
  77. Drop them one at a time from a hot air balloon (lucky you).
  78. Take a pack or more to your local women’s shelter to uplift and empower those who need it.
  79. Hand them out on a street corner along with a smile.
  80. Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt have a Creation Card Hunt—a good excuse for a party!
  81. Staple one to every prayer flag at every mountain peak on the planet (yeah, this one is out there, I admit).
  82. Give a set to your favorite bartender to hand out with every drink.
  83. Put some in your wallet and when a clerk asks for your credit card, hand it to them and say, “Oh, that isn’t a credit card is it? Well, maybe you were supposed to receive that message today—go ahead and keep it.” Then hand over the credit card.
  84. Take some to your library and put them in a bowl at the checkout desk with a sign: “Take One for a Bookmark”.
  85. Give them to friends for Christmas along with The Map.
  86. Decoupage them onto a tabletop.
  87. Tuck into a bow on a birthday gift.
  88. Glue them to the tops of inexpensive silk flowers and give the bouquet to someone you love.
  89. Laminate them into placemats.
  90. Leave a set on the doorstep (anonymously) for someone who is going through a rough time.
  91. Send one out to everyone you care about in a Valentine.
  92. Set out a bowl with a sign: “Free Empowerment—Take One”
  93. Teach your dog to drop them at the feet of strangers in the park.
  94. Cut them up into small pieces and have a contest as to who can put together the most cards in the shortest amount of time.
  95.  Have them blown up to poster size and decorate your house.
  96. Hand them out to runners in a marathon.
  97. Take them to hospitals and put them in random places for those who feel sad and powerless.
  98. Put a stack in the hands of those weird statues with their hands out.
  99. Send them as a “thank you” gift for someone who has done something kind.
  100. Put them inside a piñata.
  101. Tape one to your sweetheart’s bathroom mirror as a surprise, along with a lipstick or chapstick “kiss”.

BONUS: Read one before bed each night, and ask your Higher Self to help you get the message at a deeper level than ever before.

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